Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All over

On the last day of holidays... more of a sad refrain than a song... the twoo love moped with me...

It is always a sad thing when holidays come to an end. It's made all the worse by the fact that you have got used to not working. Every once in a while one meets someone who makes statements like oh I don't want to retire or work keeps me busy. Personally one always thinks there is something wrong with that person, that or they are completely devoid of any imagination.

Hell we could be together every moment of every day and still feel like we were short changed somewhere. Work is this horrible necessary evil that keeps us apart. And frankly if we could find a way to support our not attending work we would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately His family are not rich. Sighs which may be just as well for their continued health and wellbeing... 'cos gods know there is the odd time when we could kill them quite cheerfully.

So we did what we could to support each other through the last hours of our holidays. That is to say we had sex... some of it was even voluntary. There was the incident over the bonnet of the car that wasn't quite so voluntary, but we will return to that at a later date.  Oh and the incident in the shower. Well that one was more a... sort of an end to summer thing. Soon it will be too cold to have the door reefed open and to be pressed up against the icy tiles. Mutters well for one of us... the other one might need more convincing -.-

The arse fucking followed by an early afternoon snooze was completely voluntary though... for both of us. Of course that one was also medicinal in nature because He had to go to sleep, ready for night shift. And to be honest one feels for Him... it's going to suck monkey balls to have to front up to work at midnight. In fact one is reflecting on how much that sucks as one sits here sipping coffee, contemplating the holidays and where it all went.

See the other sad thing about holidays is all the things that were intended to be done and weren't. In fact there was a bucket list of things to do this holiday and looking at the list, one can see why they weren't ranked high priority 'cos they included sucky things like...
Clean out the kitchen cupboards
Clean the leather lounge
Go through the two file boxes of paperwork and assorted odds and ends
Do the enormous pile of filing that is starting to slide off the in trays
The equine speculum

Oh well, there is always next holidays J


Malcolm said...

Where does the equine speculum come in?

ancilla_ksst said...

My vacation is almost over too. Master has been busy, but I haven't had to do anything like cook or clean, or look after anyone at all. It has been nice, and he has had more time and energy for me here than at home.

Anonymous said...

No equine speculum action?!? Tsk, you almost don't deserve holidays! :P

Master's piece said...

Equine speculum? What equine speculum?