Monday, February 25, 2013

Deviant dining

For those who are curious about what we are eating to lose so much weight (32 kgs for Him and 15 for one small slave) since September, there is a new tab at the top of the page. It has a sample menu so you can get an idea of what's for dinner down the hole J
There is no strenuous exercise needed... in fact in the beginning we were only walking 1/2 an hour a day due to injury (in one case) and disinclination in the other. There is no prize for guessing which one was which K


faithful said...

Great info and appreciate the full menu and such on the other tab.

I don't eat Meat, Veal or Pork which limits my Protein choices and actually don't need to lose weight due to my excessive running and limited carbs I do eat but would like to look more cut if possible.

Thanks again!


Master's piece said...

Hi faithful... your comment ended up in the spam folder so that is why this reply is so late. If you are still reading it is worth knowing that you could substitute things like beans (not the green kind), chickpeas (in moderation), nut meat, nuts and seed (as you aren't looking to lose weight), soy proteins, tempeh, tofu and TVP. Hope that helps :D