Monday, February 11, 2013


On the eighth day of holidays... sung full of hope and expectations... the twoo love promised me...

It is a sad thing to admit that the only sex we have managed to achieve successfully in the past couple of days is Him getting off. Oh one has been on a promise, but between the heat and the self inflicted pain from the gym one small slave has been passed out within minutes of touching the pillow... right after servicing His needs. Now one might have registered a small protest... well more a query as to why one has to see to His sexual proclivities when really all one wants to do is sleep. To which He replied as quick as a wink that it was in our contract.
Um... what contract?
The one you signed in the beginning He replied
Um... don't remember doing that
Well you did He said in a firm tone
Racking the brains one couldn't remember it... though fuzzy with sleep it was hard to be sure
Are you sure?
Yes, it was right at the beginning

All of a sudden that small part of the brain that deals almost exclusively in self preservation living with Him snapped awake...
You are gaslighting one small sleep deprived slave
There was silence...
Followed by an "if you say so"... delivered in the most placating tone ever

You know what? Tonight we are going to bed... early, pain free and raring to go... to call in that promise 'cos honestly, it is better to keep Him well entertained. Otherwise He starts to entertain himself... and he doesn't do it like a normal person L


lil said...

"If you say so" said in a placating tone is dangerously close to "do whatever you want".

They're both dangerous statements lol.

ancilla_ksst said...

whooo, gaslighting is hot. (Am I weird?)

I have our contract written down, just in case. I think I shall put it in my blog today in fact (not that there is any help in it for me).

dancingbarez said...

Yes, it is always better to keep them well entertained.