Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wardrobe essentials

You know one said conversationally, while peering at a very unappealing e-catalogue from a well known clothing store...
A company which has produced scary items for summer including a "lux leather visor"... OMG the 80's live... again. Only this time they have blended it with a BDSM tennis vision.
... A girl is going to need some shorts for summer. If we go for a walk, which we often do in summer evenings, it's going to be in jeans at this stage.
You can have some shorts He said

There was something in His tone that made the slave senses tingle. Um....  by shorts one means something that will cover a body
That's fine was the smooth reply
Um... cover more than the shorts that you bought for one last summer. Those don't actually cover the cheeks of the arse. We are talking here about shorts that come closer to the knee than the navel. For that matter one is going to need some new sports gear as well.
Sighs sweat and continual washing does kill sports gear... and much of it is getting too large to be honest.

His spark of interest died. You could just do what every other woman around here does He said in a resigned tone. Combine the two.
There will be no mumble pants worn here.
Are you sure He asked, sounding slightly disappointed

See round here, so close to the beach, cafes and gyms and with walkways connecting it all, women tend to wear cropped exercise pants. All that Lycra in a land already filled with MAMILs. Of course they aren't on bikes and they aren't worn with long tops or any other form of coverage so you can see how they got to known in certain quarters as mumble pants...
You can see the lips move, but you can't hear what the silly cunt is saying J

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