Thursday, October 24, 2013

Being inclusive?

Flicking onto a page from online catalogue marked Naughty Santa Costumes one does confess to having certain expectations...
A bit of a giggle being one of them to be honest... it's always interesting to see what people define as naughty.
Maybe the odd elves outfit... perhaps a reindeer. You know Christmas themed stuff. Admittedly most of it stuff one prays does not make it to our door.

Anyway you can imagine one's surprise drifting down the page to spy a pirate, then a bumble bee and rather peculiar furry leggings. OK we might have been heading towards that reindeer after all. But no, that was not the case. We ended up in the land of leopard lady and her assorted furry friends.

Now one does realise that we live in a country that is as hot as hell at Christmas and one is well known for being something of a Grinch, but damn it...
Those costumes have nothing to do with Christmas or Santa, let alone naughty.
Sighs that whole words mean whatever you want them to mean things has just increased in scope hasn't it L

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