Monday, October 7, 2013

Sloth and torture

We spent the day in idle pursuits. A little sun followed by lunch and a cider, threats against one's personage that were bordering on cruel and inhumane given the temperature... which was way too hot for comfort... inside and out. Oh and the purchasing of a new bikini. Sighs and while that door was cranked open all sorts of bad things stepped over the threshold.

In this case it was the Wicked Weasel. For those of you unfamiliar with the iconic Australian brand they specialise in the microkini. That is to say scraps of fabric that do not really cover anything and then are often comprised of lace or sheer fabric. They are the truly pointless bikini. In fact they are the Clayton's of bikinis... the bikini you are wearing when you aren't wearing one.

The worst thing is that by His logic as one is trying to get sun on a greater surface area then they are ideal is hard to argue with...
Actually arguing with Him is generally pointless.
In fact He thinks it will be fun to go to Byron Bay for the day to actually visit the shop and try some on...
Oh yaaay! 


ancilla_ksst said...

Yay! indeed. Going to the bay does sound fun, and shopping, although your M comes out with more than his share of torturous garments for you.

Master's piece said...

Byron is beautiful and to be honest one has only been there once before. It's a hell of a drive, about three hours with the bypass. In spite of all that... they are awfully small bikinis :(

Neale Wolfson said...


You put a frownie face on that as if it's a bad thing. What you need to remember is be enthusiastic, show it off for your Master and your reward will be the smile on his face... Or perhaps something reaction.

Anyway that reaction is your justly earned reward! So smile!


Master's piece said...

@Neale Wolfson You know you are rapidly becoming His favourite reader/ commenter :P