Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Setting the bar

Disc change please He said, from the comfort of the couch
Stopping what one was doing to scuttle over for the disc change... there might have been some pantomiming that was less than servile... and some dialogue along the lines of "scampering over to change the disc Master" in a tone that was also less than servile.
Good, was the reply from Him
Mutters don't think the sarcasm is translating
Oh I don't care about the sarcasm, so long as you are obeying
Yep that's what one figured... hence the scuttling


lil said...

Scuttling is a highly underrated activity.

ancilla_ksst said...

Not to mention totally unappreciated. I'm more of a saunter-er. With speed. Although sometimes I manage a scuttle with the right motivation.

Master's piece said...

Yep that's us... the very picture of grace under pressure :D