Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Redefining responsible

Climbing into bed, He had long gone there, one slathered on a little foot cream before slipping between the sheets.
HIs eyes cranked open; are you OK He asked.
Fine my love, just coming to bed.
He started to roll over, his penis rising to the occasion. He leered up at one small slave. Wanna ride me to sleep?
Umm... no. See when He's like this he's not actually awake, just in that in between state. Now being woken up by Him having sex with you is one thing, having sex with you while He's actually asleep is just sort of... insulting.
I'm going to take that word away from you if you can't use it responsibly He said, as he drifted off.

Responsibly... that's another word that doesn't mean what He thinks it means isn't it? 


ancilla_ksst said...

I didn't think sleep sex was even possible for men- until I experienced it. He didn't even remember the next day!
Was it good for you?
Was what good?
You know.
No, I don't.
We had sex.
We did?
Huh, I wondered why I woke up all sticky.
Yeah, kind of insulting.

Master's piece said...

It is isn't it? Sort of... well damn it you expect to be a bit more memorable than that :(