Thursday, October 10, 2013

Here endith the sniffing

The day started with a windows update. For those of you who have it you know what that means, getting up and finding that nothing responds quite the way it used to. So two restarts later the mouse was finally acknowledged... sighs see living proof that you don't have to actually provide a service that works first time to become a global giant :(
All of this fun conspired to jam up against the need to go for a run before work... yes that was the other issue that capped off the morning... work. Need one really say more?

By the time one got home it was a pleasure to do something soothing like make Him lunch. So there one was busily filling his lunch box with a freshly roasted pork sandwich, buffalo cheese and sundried tomato tartlets, smoked salmon rolls and a small salad when He emerged early to turn back on the spotlight.
You know as an aside growing up one's favourite cartoon character was always Pepe Le Pew. It was all that persistence in the face of misunderstanding. Persistence that we now recognise and label as stalker behaviour and sexual harassment... sometimes time is not the great healer that people claim. To be honest He rather reminds one of Pepe...
And to be honest, stuck at the kitchen bench with hands covered in food as one was, while He proceeded to press up against one small slave and grope naked body parts, one rather looked like poor Penelope from that cartoon. In fact one suspects that the expression on the face was exactly like hers...
Resistance is futile. 


Malcolm said...

In general, it's best never to allow any updates, of windows, firefox or anything else. Use only applications that have stood the test of time and disable windows update entirely.
I wish you would come and cook for us sometimes, your lunchbox menu is making my mouth water. Is buffalo cheese that very salty stuff that is made in small discs, stuck together in pairs? We get that sometimes, sold on the streets out of a stainless bucket. Buffalo here is called karabao and used for ploughing rice fields and other such tasks.

Master's piece said...

In this case it was a feta made from the buffalo milk and herbs, but yes it is very salty. Normally the cheese is rinsed before use because of the brine they are usually preserved in. Buffalo milk is used for a lot of different types of soft cheeses all over the world including mozzarella and feta to name just two. It's tastier than cows milk and produces a better textured cheese.

ancilla_ksst said...

Am now totally, totally jealous of your being molested in the kitchen.

Must wait... blech... I hate waiting.