Sunday, October 27, 2013

Losing your points

Clutching a bag of salmon rolls, cold sausages and cheese for snacks... think we might have failed gaming geek 101 there... we shot out the door to join our vanillas. For a change we were even on time... something we rarely achieve.
A fact that He swears only occurs when one is with him. That's an odd thing considering that one of us is usually ready in spite of His endeavours to slow one down, but one does digress...
We were almost at their turnoff when He turned around and said have you got the salami?
Um... no, it's in the fridge along with that smelly buffalo brie. We can turn around and get them. It's not like they expect us to be on time.

Why is it that you always forget my stuff He quizzed on the return trip home to pick them up
Well let's see... don't eat it, didn't think about it... oh yes, and it's poisonous to one's good self. For some reason processed meats, however tasty and that particular salami is divine, always seem to have poor results and frankly, that cheese smells bad.
He gave one that look...
And trying desperately to look suitably contrite one muttered bad, bad slave
Yes you are He said. Master's needs come first

Honestly it's not like He didn't eat the other stuff as well. It wasn't like one was trying to deliberately starve Him or anything...
If anything one was really protecting Him from overindulging...
Sighs there go the good slave points... again.

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