Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The reward scheme down the hole

It seems that He has been busy... why does no good ever seem to come of that?
See one of the good excellent awesome and unexpected bonuses of losing the weight has been that none of those nasty, scratchy costumes He is so damn fond of fit. It has been halcyon days round here one has to say.

Those days ended today when one scampered home to find the bench neatly stacked with...
A nurse's costume... a costume that frankly one doubts will do anything good for His blood pressure
A replacement Alice costume... shudders quietly
And what looks like the cutest and this almost goes without saying... scratchiest maids costume ever. It even comes complete with a feather duster...
Sighs nothing good comes in threes does it L


Neale Wolfson said...

Wait a sec Mopsy,

He's got you clothing! I can almost hear the cry now 'But sir, I have nothing to wear to the ball!'.

With all these complaints about clothing maybe you should be naked, or in minimal clothing all the time?

Master's piece said...

To be honest one is naked more often than not. In this climate it is preferable. Hell even cooking bacon naked is preferable ;)