Friday, January 3, 2014

The real cost of climate control

Feeling decidedly not well (to be honest one suspects it was the heat that was causing the problems to begin with) one phoned in sick somewhat reluctantly. It was expected to hit over 40 (104) degrees and frankly the best place to be was at work. Well not work perse, more their air conditioning. See in that kind of temperature things become a little dangerous at home. The only air-con is in the bedroom.

There were early warning signs that things would not go well for one small slave. It started with Him asking would you do anything for me. To which one replied that while there might be moments of suicidal stupidity, there was no way one was going to say yes to that. We'll see was the cryptic reply.

And then it got hotter and hotter and hotter. And the bedroom was so dark and cool. Before long one broke and scampered in there... with Him. That was how one found oneself being fisted... in the arse.
Sighs the things we do for air-con in this climate...


geekie kittie said...

One wonders what would happen if you were here .. it was -40 degrees ... just sayin'


ancilla_ksst said...

A rock and a hard place, there!

Master's piece said...

@geekie kittie The price would be too high :/

@ancilla_ksst And yet one spends so much time mashed up against one or the other looks mournful

mc kitten said...

fisted in the arse?! how is that even anatomically possible?!

*eek face*

Master's piece said...

Time and a lot of lube ;)