Monday, January 20, 2014

Chance would be a fine thing

This blog was started as a way of having conversations with Him. Due to the nature of our life we don't always have time to sit down and discuss the minutiae of our lives. It also showed how one perceived Him, his actions and some of the conversations. Apparently it doesn't always show Him in a favourable light. Of course it doesn't... it is after all one's perceptions. We all have special filters that things get viewed through. Anyway that is not what this is about.

What it also showed over time is how bloody normal our lives are. Often on forums you get newbies asking questions like do you still go out on dates, see movies or laugh with each other? Mind you some of those people also think that we are kept in cages 24/7 otherwise we are not twoo slaves. Well as some of you may have noticed we don't spend a lot of time with one of us being stuck in a cage.  It's a shame really as one suspects there would be a lot less mess around here if one was. There would certainly be a lot less laundry.

That brings us to the day's doings. It was mostly spent folding almost obscene amounts of laundry. Between sports gear, clothes and bedding; His bedding, one small slave's bedding and the beds actual bedding... staggers under the vast quantity of laundry baskets
Would someone wheel out the cage?


ancilla_ksst said...

A cage, some manacles, a pillow bed and a little blankie sounds very restful, er, I mean, slavish. Sigh, they are doing it wrong again, aren't they?

Master's piece said...

They do this shit to make us look bad :(