Saturday, January 4, 2014

Once more to the breach

Laying on the lounge, contemplating whether the body actually needed to go to the gym... well it was over 40 (104) degrees today and surely it was working hard just staying immobile... the smell of smoke became more noticeable. It grew steadily worse. You know for the record, in that kind of heat you do lay there tossing up whether you want to find out if the house is on fire or not. On one hand is that sense of self preservation and on the other is the knowledge that you will have to move.

In the end curiosity won out and grabbing a pareo one slipped out the door. Outside was slightly surreal. There were all these people wandering around doing daft things like walking their dogs...
Who in their right mind voluntarily goes out in this kind of weather to exercise Fido?
... in what looked like fog. The smoke was so thick and grey and it slid around driven by gusting winds, that for a brief moment it reminded one out of a scene from some Hammer Horror movie.

The fires on Stradbroke... an island that is off our coastline and along with Morton Island stops us actually having any surf on our beaches... have kicked off again it would seem. It left one with no other options than to close the door firmly, in spite of the heat, say a small prayer for those living on the island and retreat into His air-conditioned lair bearing ice-cream as a peace offering tribute distraction bribe.
Sighs the weather hates one small slave... or it loves Him.

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