Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Joy ride

Every once in a while we delve into more conventional toys in the form of vibrators. They aren't our favourite thing, but some of them are just visually interesting and in need of further exploration.

The implement:

  • This toy is the Comet 11 Rechargeable G-Spot Wand presented by Jopen, who produce the equivalent of the Swan vibes that one believes can't be purchased in America for some strange reason... perhaps the Canadians don't want to share them.
  • Measures 20 cm (8") from tip to tip
  • It is 12.5 cm (5") around at its widest

The pros:

  • Lovely smooth silicone
  • 7 different rhythms
  • Plenty of oomph
  • Charges off your USB port using magnetic contact points so it's impossible to get them in the wrong spot
  • Fully charged in 4 hours
  • Charge lasts for 2-3 hours
  • Waterproof
  • It would make a very handy Hatachi Wand substitute
  • Easy to clean

The cons:

  • This is probably just a personal one: the toy is meant to stimulate the G-spot. The whole point of the design is that it is ergonomic and enables the user to wield it one handed. To stimulate the G-spot you have to be able to slide it in and out... something the vagina wasn't having a bar of. Oh it went in; it just wouldn't come back out again without a fight. In fact after a rather powerful orgasm and everything had clamped down even tighter than it was before, one did quip that it would be preferable to not to become one of those embarrassing hospital stories...

Fortunately it did come out albeit reluctantly :D

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