Friday, January 24, 2014


You know there is nothing note worthy to write about when you sit in front of the computer and think did anything actually happen today and there is nothing that comes to mind at all. It's that time of the year. The heat and humidity are escalating and we both sleep poorly, waking up feeling and looking rumpled. Even work is dead as we gear up to one of the last long weekends for a while.
Basically we are hanging in by our fingernails for holidays...
Two weeks and counting.


geekie kittie said...

It sounds the same as here .. only of course we are at the other extreme of the climate.

I hope the weather becomes more enjoyable for your holidays!

Anonymous said...

Do you not sleep with the AC running?

Master's piece said...

@geekie kittie Oh as a rule we take this holiday during what will be the hottest time of the year. It cuts down on customer fatalities that way :D

@nzrubber Why do you keep trying to push one small slave under the bus like that. You know it's not safe in there -.-

Seriously though we don't sleep with it on. It gets too cold for frog boy... sorry, frog Master :D