Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In coming attractions

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and subsequently mail reaching our inbox is full of offerings geared to that day.  High on the list of things that might find their way into our home... sends a small prayer that is not the case... is some twooly awful jewellery and sex toys. It is the last category that one wishes to consider for a moment.

There is a predominance of "naughty" toys to be found. We can probably thank those books for that. In amongst the fur lined cuffs and other atrocities though is the odd stand out contender that one looks at and goes what were they thinking? Or maybe the fault in the thinking is entirely one's own.

Let's take one of those oddities...
There was a slapper, one of those little one's that sort of defeat the purpose. And on the other end was a tiny bunch of feathers. The description read "naughty or nice". It left one unsure which end was supposed to be which. Surely being tickled with the damn feathers would be as annoying as that tiny slappy end?

Maybe that was the point. If you are naughty, you will be aggravated by this toy until you squeak for mercy.
Or maybe it is like a gateway drug. You present your partner with this in the hopes of getting them over the fear of hurting you/ them.

Sighs so many possibilities... and no answers :(

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ancilla_ksst said...

So funny! Yes, being tickled by feathers is as annoying as heck.