Saturday, January 25, 2014

Encounters of the normal kind

Just every once in a while one small slave gets busted at work. It doesn't seem to happen as often as it used to, maybe the local community has moved on, but it still happens. This time it was from an unexpected quarter; a rep. One of those strange breeds of reps, one with a job.

In this state, although the recession that no one talks about didn't hit as hard as some, reps are a dying breed. As companies try to stay afloat by cutting costs their front lines are often the first to go. These days products turn up on the shelves with no support other than a slick advertising campaign and many don't even have that. It leaves us completely in the dark about their properties and often with no idea they were even coming. But that is not what this is about. This is about one of the few survivors...

The first time we met his eyes lit up with merry delight and he said nice necklace. The second time it was how are you, asked while staring at the necklace... which was an odd sensation as most men look a little lower. The third time was over coffee as one was sent out to haggle on the behalf of the boss.
Now this man is bright and charming and has the instincts of a shark... it's why he's still employed. Needless to say he struck...

So he said by way of preamble, after the social niceties were performed, the collar. How do you get away with that?
Well no one takes any notice. If anything they usually comment on what a nice necklace it is and assume one likes chunky jewellery.
You're kidding?
No. Honestly if you want to hide in this world, in plain sight is the best place to be.

We carried on with work related chit chat and the person who had the job before came up. Now she was a strange person, stranger still when around one's good self. Bringing out the strange in people does seem to be a talent one bemoaned in jest.
Maybe they sense that you aren't too normal he quipped
Oh one is the most normal person you could hope to meet
His eyebrow quirked up to his nonexistent hairline
Well one is perfectly normal, just maybe not to the outside observer.

Sighs in fact one only feels abnormal when encountering other people... maybe we have been doing this too long.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I never wear my collar out, but then it's not a day collar so would be too obvious for the 'nilla world to cope with I think.
Having said that, I do wear it at home, and my daughter's bf(who is very switch ed on for his 17 years) spotted it, looked at me, grinned, then exited the room. I have no idea if he discussed it with my daughter, but he knew what it was and what it signifies. Twas an odd feeling, Imust admit.

Flip x

Master's piece said...

Yeah it is a strange feeling. We are a tiny minority and it is strange when someone does pick it for what it is... sort of defies odds really which is why it is a surprise.

ancilla_ksst said...

My collar is not obvious at all, which is why no one has ever recognized it outside of kinky events. My Master wants to fly under the radar so to speak. There was one time when I was on a road trip where I wore the leather collar while driving/stopping at rest stops and so on, and I barely received the odd second glance.

Master's piece said...

Honestly very few ever recognise it for what it is and those that do usually have some connection with the BDSM world.