Monday, January 13, 2014

The desolation of a day

Well we trotted off to run a few errands. It turned out to be one long arsed day. We thought we would catch up with the latest offering of The Hobbit... in comfortable seats. It's a three hour long movie... comfortable seats was a critical thing. That was where it all went a little sideways.

There were only two shows in the cinema with comfortable seats; early in the afternoon which didn't leave enough time to run the errands and late in the evening. We were forced to fill the time in between with shopping.
Sighs it was a very expensive day...
However, He did find an eye chart that he thought one might be interested in actually trying to read...

...and there was a very pretty and utterly unnecessary dress that fell into the bag.
Mutters along with a lot of other items.

And the movie, though it did drift into stuff that in no way made the story better... read events that didn't happen in the book, with characters they made up... did manage to get one thing right. They nailed the dragon with both feet. It was the thing that worried one the most when going in. Having read the book several times since childhood, the dragon looked a certain way in the mind. And there he was on the big screen... looking just the way he should.
Beams happily


ancilla_ksst said...

It is a Hobbit kind of week. I can't figure out why they needed to add all that extraneous stuff. And Thorin riding on a river of molten gold? He would have burned right up!

Master's piece said...

Yes. And let us not mention that whole romance thing they slapped in there. Apparently there was "too much male energy". FFS it's The Hobbit! It was the ultimate boys club.

ancilla_ksst said...

The romance! Ugh. Yeah, that was pure cheese. I'm not much of a romantic I guess. Although it was fun to see her kicking orc butt.