Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative idea #2

From the man that brought you Vlad's Castle...

He has a weakness for anything that can be stuffed into small spaces and is subsequently fond of gags. Of course life being what it is there are some issues with them; in this case a small mouth... yeah, yeah for a person who opens it so often you would think it would stretch more but.... Over the years there have been some interesting ones; a nifty one that has a plug (the sink kind) you can put in it and ones with holes so you can breathe better (not to mention drool more) to mention but two. Unfortunately they just don’t fit... honestly we have a toy box under the bed for the assorted failures and there is more than a couple of gags in it... and those that do; let us just say that one can make noise around almost anything.

Now not put off by this He came up with an inspired design idea... no socks here... He thinks a stethoscope could be interesting. Pop it into one small slave’s ears, tape the other end in the mouth and off you go. A gag that operates like aversion therapy; the more noise you make the more you hurt yourself. Honestly that game is looking better by the second L


lil said...

ooh, creativity at it's best!

xantu said...

Oh HELL no. This medium slave has terrible tinnitus and finds even the sharp crack of a hand on her ass or slap of a flogger can make the entire auditory system overload and start shrill feedback sounds in her ears.

The idea of that stethascope????

/gets down on her knees and offers endless gratitude to the gods that gave Master dyslexia and keep him from reading this and many other blogs.