Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting off

We have boxes of toys under the bed, many of them used once or not at all. The reason is that He likes to try things and often buys them faster than we have time. Also, vibrators kinda leave one cold. They always seem to buzz at the wrong speed, even when it is variable, they don’t touch where they should (we are not all anatomically the same), they feel nowhere near as good as the real thing... you are getting the idea. Mostly they are just noisy and annoying.

The notable exception to them is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which can do no wrong. Except to get one to work here it has to be attached to a big arsed transformer which goes with it everywhere... it is like the third wheel on a date. So He found a little Aussie cousin, the Medisil Magic Touch which needs no such accompaniments, and comes with a generous 2 meter power cord. Now it is damn near identical to its Hitachi rival, though one suspects it vibrates slightly differently. It is not enough to be off putting, more one of those things you notice when something is jammed up against your genitals... all those nerve endings can’t be wrong.

So after He had cum in one’s arse with a brisk efficiency (while one was in the shower), it was a nice surprise to see it on the bed when one wandered in a bit later seeking the air-con. It was sporting its little blue g-spot stimulator no less (which we hadn’t got around to trying before). See sometimes good girls are rewarded... well it was the hope at any rate. No guarantees around here... no trust issues either.

Before one could check the terms and conditions, it was slid into the vagina and buzzing merrily away. And with similar speed one was face down with Him mounting up from behind. The last thing one heard was Him saying that the vibrations felt very good... Then all one could hear was the sound of one begging Him to fuck harder, and really, really meaning it.

As He rose to the challenge, no doubt driven on by the begging and the vibrations, one launched into a screaming orgasm that came in waves that synced up to the vibrations. To be honest it took a while to have the brains to turn the damn thing off... it really needs some sort of failsafe on it. It’s not like you are exactly responsible enough to be in charge of machinery at that point.

You know sometimes one does wonder what people think when they pass our place... they probably just run, wishing to assorted deities that they hadn’t chosen that route back from the beach.

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Arianthe said...

I'm not that fussed about the hitachi. I found it a little over-rated.

However... we haven't really tried the g spot attachment and we haven't tried it quite like that!

*makes note on the to do list*

Ms D