Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our tax dollars

In this country the Government is committed to certain issues. Domestic abuse is one of them and to that end it runs phone lines and advertising campaigns. Now, one is the first to admit it is a serious issue, though it pisses one off to no end that that base assumption is that the perpetrators will be male and the recipients female... but that is another issue. The trouble is that in these types of relationships some of this propaganda is as useful as those equally annoying red flag lists that crop up in BDSM land... along with chants of SSC and RACK... but again one digresses.

Last year’s little outing from our Government was this colourful poster. In this case it was displayed in the local ER... nothing like trying to reach your intended market. Now let us not get caught in the semantics of whether banning that  jumper is in fact a kindness and agree that the phone is an abominable colour. Let us focus on the message and note that He failed this one... 100%. And He probably won't be alone in that.

This year’s little offerings are displayed in women’s’ magazines... noticeably ones aimed at younger women. They are brightly coloured with catchy slogans and simple messages. Of course when perceived through this relationship filter it gives some pause for thought... just not the one our Government was aiming for one suspects. He reads all of the mail one receives, not only because He is the nosiest person on earth, but because He likes mail. Preferably stuff He doesn’t have to do any work for. With great responsibility comes perks... living vicariously through your slaves experiences is one of them J

All of this brings us neatly to the next image... Again let us not dwell on the fact that dirty is such a subjective word, one worthy of a diatribe in its own right, and focus on the photo thing. It has been a personal observation that, with the notable exception of the odd exhibitionist, most slaves don’t like having their photographs put up for public view. And one is no exception to this despite the fact that He goes to great lengths to create wonderful images... the problem is that how He perceives one is not the same as one’s self perception... an issue we will visit at a later date L Guess what... we don’t get a choice. Why you may be wondering? Well they get to make those sorts of creative decisions because they are the boss... and they can.

The bottom line in all of this is that every time you try to make something universal you will fail. And in the case of these campaigns produce something that is unintentionally hilarious... rather like those red flag lists.
Oh and Master... you are an abuser. Our Government says so J

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Biddable said...

Oh noes. The Captain is an abuser, too. At least in Australia.