Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After the event

We had a friend over the today for lunch, dinner and a little exploration of mutual interests. Oddly enough one is going to say very little on that topic other than it was a wonderful day, that left us all a little too high on endorphins. In fact this post would look like we picked them up at the train station, picked up some wine for lunch, redacted, went and got seafood, redacted, redacted, redacted, went out for Zorbas excellent pizza, redacted, redacted and took them home. Well it would except for one tiny little problem...

He is a big boy and so are most of his toys and one small slave has a latex allergy. All of this means we have to import large latex free condoms because they are not available in this country. Not really a big deal in this age of international postal systems that are linked. So He hopped on line, ordered some from Condom Jungle, paid for the hideously expensive (over $30) expedited post that promised arrival in six working days, and got on with other things.

Anal speculum
That order was placed on the 20 July and guess what? We are still waiting for those bloody condoms. It meant that some of the things we had planned were shelved in favour of others. We are nothing if not adaptive, though one does now have a sink full of toys that are going to have to be sterilised rather than just cleaned. Happily the day ended up looking like this --->
Honestly though, this could have been the biggest three way disaster in the history of sex, so thank you Condom Jungle L

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