Thursday, August 25, 2011

Strange things

Voice activated commands. We have them on our new phones... that we had to get due to ours no longer being supported... again thanks for that. It gives Him a perverse thrill to just say slave into his phone and off it scurries to do his bidding. Mind you it seems almost as obedient as the real thing at times. In fact it's in training... rather like the real thing.

The difference is the commands in this case are to cum. At the moment it is a matter of learning to sync up with His voice. But a strange thing happened during sex. Having just allowed one to cum, He turns around and says let's try that again. And as one of us was protesting the likelihood He said cum for me. And the body did.

It was a strange sensation. The mind was going so not going to happen and the body scrambled to comply. It was like being hijacked... and worse than the bloody 3, 2, 1 thing L

We have this notion that we own our bodies and they are controlled by our minds, but the more time one spends in this relationship the less convinced of this one is. If anything one is starting to suspect that they are more like some women you meet. The ones who only seem to take advice from the last male voice they hear... regardless of how stupid the advice is... and let's be honest we all know one or two of them L

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