Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just this morning

Most mornings one stumbles to the computer clutching mouse and checks out Fet, with the same dedication that others do the comic section of the paper. Like all good comics some are thought provoking, others downright hysterically funny and occasionally... educational. OK that last one has a looking glass kinda quality to be honest. This morning though was special and one thought it should be shared as a lot of you come here for a morning/ evening giggle as well... often at one small slaves expense J

It seems He has anal sex more than any other kind because one is too ugly to fuck face to face. Which struck one as interesting... what is this obsession that some seem to have with seeing their partner and looking into their eyes? Frankly the eyes are usually closed to cut down on external stimulus and concentrate on the sensations so one can cum... when allowed. No wonder so many seem to have trouble having an orgasm. They are too distracted for their own good.

But you know in case they were right one asked Him when he came home. After careful consideration of the question... OK looking as though one of us had swallowed stupid pills... He replied umm no. I fuck you in the arse because it feels good. But we can do in with you on your back if you would prefer. Umm no thank you... it's just fine the way it is, one hastened to reply.

The next thing of interest was a moment of clarity from the Gorean community. Yeah the Trekkies of the BDSM world... bless them. Yes they are banned from the group. Not because of their basing their lives on a series of books. See if that were the case we would have to get rid of the Christians too because to those of us who are atheist or agnostic they are similar. Who are we to say that one book is better than another... though in fairness the bible is better written.

No they are banned from the group because over time they have proved again and again that whenever they get together the most horrific chest thumping ensues. That and their belief in the natural order stuff. Then it gets into people citing examples of exceptions and round and round it goes. From a mods point of view... it's just easier to say sod off to the lot of them; which is a shame because some of them are interesting people with interesting things to say. Unfortunately having the odd one or two is just used as leverage by the next one... we know 'cos that has happened too L

Despite this attitude and the fact that it is clearly posted over our door they join. And we could never work out why... other than the poor comprehension skills that are needed to be able to actually read the books. When questioned they would just keep citing that they were like us... which is just disturbing to many of us. Sure we are a small niche group, but they are... well... Gorean.

Well it seems some of them are closer to us than the rest of the BDSM community. They believe that consent is given once. At the beginning, not every time the owner wants to do some nasty entertaining thing. Many of them are consensual non-consent practitioners. Which does bring them closer to the O/p group than any other on Fet.
OMG we are related to the Goreans!

You know they say that anything worth learning is not on the net... they might be right L

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