Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The unexpected

This was going to be a humorous tale about Veet and a man's genitals.  And you have to admit the idea is making you smile... just a little bit. Well it certainly made one small slave smile as she contemplated it. Unfortunately it has been put on hold for the moment because something else came up instead. Eyes up people... honestly J

No this little tale is far more sombre and somewhat less entertaining, but it is something for us all to think about. Lately He has been thirsty... very thirsty. No big surprise, the man doesn't drink enough fluids and is far too fond of soft drink for any human being. He has also needed to pee a lot... which sometimes happens when you get dehydrated. It is also a side effect of hypertension medication which He erratically takes... we are not going there.

It wakes him up at night lately and frankly the last week has been annoying to say the least. It wasn't until He had to nip out mid movie the other day that one really took notice... other than to shove another glass of water into his reluctant hand. In all the years one has known him He has never ever left a movie (well there was that once... but that is a tale for another time) nor has he had a Woolworths bladder. It made one notice... and actually pay attention because the first thought was prostrate.

After a few questions that was deemed unlikely because the bladder was evacuating properly... besides He cums more than most men so it was not high on the list of probabilities.  You could have diabetes one suggested conversationally. It would certainly account for the raving thirst you are experiencing. And you have lost some weight lately. You need to go to the doctors... besides your meds need to be checked out... especially with your track record of taking them.

Looking less than thrilled He agreed to go next week and sloped off to do a little digging around on the web. You might be right He said looking glum... there are tests. Well we have to go past a pharmacy on the way to do grocery shopping we can stop off. They might have some pamphlets and they may sell the tests, though you need a fasting one for accuracy.

Inside the helpful pharmacy assistant suggested that their sister store could do a prick test. Quickly before He could back out one shoved suggested He could toddle off and do it while one did the grocery shopping. It was the first time He has almost looked like he would rather go grocery shopping. Actually He looked like He would rather have needles shoved in his scrotum... why are men so difficult about their health?

So off one scampered to do groceries... humming free to do what... honestly shopping without Him is much faster. There is a list. There is order. There is no disappearing to look at things. There is no threatening of one small slave. There is no sexual harassment of her either. There is no reading of labels on things we don't want. There are no tins of Escargot that mysteriously appear at the checkout. And oddly it is much cheaper... but one digresses...

He comes back just as one hits the down ramp wielding one heavy arsed trolley with no directional aim. How was it one enquired? Well it's official. I have diabetes... there's that drama degree in action again. What was the reading, one asked out of curiosity. Looking clever He said 20.7. Oh, that is impressive... 10 is considered high... after a meal. Guess we are going to the doctors to get paper work for a fasting blood sugar test a little sooner than next week then... 


Vixen4770 said...

You're lucky you caught it. Most men don't pay attention until they wind up in the hospital with stupid low or stupid high blood sugar... HUGS for you and Himself..

littlemonkey said...

Good call piece. By catching it early you probably saved him a lot of grief. I know how stunning a diagnosis like this can be. Quite a shift for anyone.

I know you're not big on the mushy stuff, but I'm sending you both big warms hugs anyway.

Dina said...

While I was reading, just as you've started mentioning thirst and a lot of peeing--diabetes is the very first thing that came to mind, especially when I got to the weight loss part.

I was still hoping the count wouldn't be this high, though, but alas. ~grumble~

Thing is that by catching it early, as well as changing the diet a bit (those ridiculous sodas NEED TO GO)--it is possible to lower the sugar enough to switch from shots to pills and then, gradually, go off pills as well.

And so, I'm going to hope for that.

Master's piece said...

We'll see how the reading is after the fasting blood test. Hopefully it is just ridiculously high rather than quite that astronomically so. Meanwhile the soda has been dumped along with the greasy treats... apart from that His diet is pretty good. There just needs to be more exercise.

Oddly enough that one will cause more complaints 'cos He hates the gym. Though one did put in a requisition for a cattle prod... purely as a training tool of course. He said yes... though one suspects not for the right reasons :D

Thank you for the hugs and thoughts... no doubt there will be some humour that comes out of all of this ;)

lil said...

You asked for a cattle prod?! And being intelligent, you know you are never going to be the one getting to use it on, um, some poor soul...I am baffled!
And I have no doubt humor will come out of this. That's one of the reasons your blog has become synonymous with with morning coffee.

Seriously though...Good catch.
Hugs* (yes I know--don't touch. We can call it sincerity not mushiness lol).

Master's piece said...

@lil He was weak... Sighs OK the bad Gemini got out :)