Thursday, August 18, 2011


Stumbling out of bed one shoved on a load of washing and shambled towards the kettle. The only real thought was morning mouse... sweet mouse... loaded in caffeine and steeped in rituals. Computer and mouse. Fet and mouse... you are getting the idea.

So it was something of a surprise to see Him at the computer. Not just because possession is 9/10ths, but because well... He should have been at work. Back peddling slightly to come to the door one popped the head in and graciously asked what are you doing home? Hey it was pre mouse... give a girl a break.

It seems the new blood pressure medication, the doctor changed it in light of the rather high reading yesterday and the fact that it is has links to the aforementioned condition, is making Him ill. Rather more than the slight dizziness He was lead to expect. Think vertigo and all the accompanying nausea that goes with it. It was so bad He was sent home early and will probably continue to do so for a while is ones suspicion.

He did manage to rally like a champion for a little anal sex before one scampered off to work though. For the record; one really does recommend lube. The pain was searing hot and breathtaking without it, even though the arse is not a novice. Undeterred by the muffled screams one of us did manage to cum and He did let one have a consolation orgasm afterwards... mainly as a distraction one suspects. 

In fact one also suspects He broke something L


little monkey said...

Dizzy young girls, dizzy as a...,dizzy with love, Dizzy Gillespie, but dizzy sadists?

Not so much....dizzy wiht fear, perhaps?

Dina said...

Let's hope these rather unpleasant side-effects won't last long as the body adjusts to the meds.