Friday, August 5, 2011

Bruised and swollen

Well it is official the ankle is sprained... well and truly. The doctor estimates 2-4 weeks off work and one told him it has a week. For starters one can't afford the time off, and certainly not with six weeks off in the future due to foot surgery. It does look kind of impressive in a cankle sort of way. It is also boring as hell being unable to do much... yeah bad patient. He says that one needs to learn to entertain oneself... grumps where is the fun in that?

There is an interesting side effect to all this though... The continual low grade pain is making one as horny as hell. Obviously it is the right sort of pain for the body to process in this rather intriguing manner. It won't process His bloody floggers in that useful way, but it will a sprained ankle. Go figure... rolls eyes.

And He is being so supportive of the whole situation. Oh not meals or anything practical like that, though He did bring some crusty bread home with him. He is rising to the occasion in a particularly sporting manner... He thoughtfully sodomised his slave before going to sleep. He even let one cum.

Of course as one is now awake and horny again... wonder if that is what He meant by entertaining oneself? An afternoon of cumming and snoozing... OFFS sooo bored... this is going to drive one nuts and it is only the second day. Peers at the bench wondering if one can stand long enough to make a sandwich...

Oh and for the record:
Condoms from Condom Jungle... 11 working days and still nothing


Anonymous said...

Ok the title of this posting reminds me of a bait and switch, lol. I came here expecting to hear some sorted sexual tale.

Sigh...well at least you threw in the horny comment to take the sting out of my disapointment.

Hope you feel better soon - hugs :)

Master's piece said...

LOL Keep forgetting that people aren't quite as literal as one small slave. But there was sodomy so that has to count... right?

little monkey said...

Sounds to me like he specifically told you to "amuse yourself". You have assorted vibrating playthings on the premises, yes?

If I were you I'd be taking the opportunity ot "amuse myself " into a coma.

Master's piece said...

Well there is a Hitachi (and a whole bag of attachments) round here somewhere... it would save a lot of work ;)

baby girl said...

Amusing yourself sounds like fun...just don't sprain your wrist!


Master's piece said...

LOL gods that would be too humiliating for words... it's bad enough tripping over your own feet :(