Friday, August 26, 2011

Inconsequential thoughts

Sitting on the bus this morning one happened to glance over at the passenger across the aisle. Although she was average height she had the smallest feet one has seen in years and out of the blue this song popped up...

Just thought one should share it with you. It seemed only fair as it is now stuck in the mind on a repeat play cycle L


little monkey said...

"It's a small world after,
it's a small world after all,
it's a small world after all,
it's a small, small world.
It's a world of laughter,
a world of tears,
it's a world of hope,
and a world of fears.
There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware,
It's a small world after all".

(retaliation, pure and simple)

Master's piece said...

LOL That's the best you can do :P

Unknown said...

OMG I hate both of you lol

Master's piece said...

*Sighs our work here is done* :D