Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The end of the sexual revolution

While He went to get a haircut one spent the morning doing laundry and cleaning up a massive pile of sex toys... think kitchen sink full here people. The place looked like the inside of a brothel with lube and condoms scattered between tissues and drinks and discarded items of clothing. Having been in the one or two brothels over the years one is speaking from experience. There was also that pervasive smell of sex in the air, despite clean sheets, and all over the skin, despite numerous showers. It was lovely J

He spent the early afternoon making sure the endorphin crash wasn't too bad. Wasn't that just the nicest thing? Promising sex He lured one to bed and proceeded to work on toughening up the arse... his renewed mission to make one more receptive to his bloody floggers. Seems yesterday just increased his resolve and He is of the opinion one just needs to be beaten more often. Yeah, thanks for that... glares at a certain someone... really starting to consider getting an elf... one who likes to be beaten.

Mind you the whole beating thing paled into insignificance as He proceeded to see if he could get his fist in ones arse. Actually it wasn't too bad once He got the knuckles in. Mind you by that stage the endorphins were so high one wasn't actually capable of feeling too much. Three hours later one is still waiting for the feeling to come back... that will not be good.

So after a massive orgasm one scampered off to the hairdressers. The walk was lovely and the mind sort of floated along... as it does. Actually the mind had spent the whole day slightly pixilated. Really one had forgotten how much fun group sex was and as one walked one mourned, just a little, the passing of the sexual revolution. And it has passed well and truly from what one can see.

Growing up one had the advantage of living in a country that was a little behind the times in some ways. It meant that one caught the tail end of the social experiment that was peace, love and sex. Everyone has a time they would like to have been around for and dammit the 70's would be the time one would choose. Great music, great drugs and sex... what more could a person want?

Chatting to the babies at work it is fascinating how the age of the sexually repressed is upon us. Oh they are still having sex... it is just that it seems to be attached to a whole pile of things; self esteem issues, love, cementing a relationship. Well the advent of diseases that can kill you will do that. It is such a shame... particularly to one who always enjoyed sex, preferably with virtual strangers.

Now it is too much like playing Russian roulette to hold much appeal, but the idea of an elf is starting to grow increasingly attractive.
Right up until one considers the search for the mythical unicorn known as a third.
Then the mind just retreats and starts rocking gently while moaning no.


Arianthe said...


Brittany Lynn said...

If it wasn't for the diseases.... Alas.

Master's piece said...

Yeah it has just sucked the joy out of sex well and truly :(

baby girl said...

Group sex...kid in a candy store...

Any comparison?


Master's piece said...

@baby girl... Yes ;)