Monday, August 15, 2011

Creative idea #6

Yes more from the man who brought you all those others L
Just this morning one was suggesting demanding a pillow. It seemed only right since He has turned one into an anal queen. Now personally one had something soft and squishy in mind. Perhaps a nice velveteen in a preferred colour... not too much froufrou... tassels get in the most unexpected places. He thought it was an excellent idea.

And this is where we go through the looking glass again people L

He suggested one of those round haemorrhoid pillows with a hole in it, would be a perfect solution to the length issue of the 2.0 Njoy. The handle should tuck quite nicely into the hole and the whole thing is portable. In public one will even have a choice of explanations should anyone ask; haemorrhoids or extremely large butt plug. Apparently one can even have it in the favourite colour... purple L

Sighs so much for becoming a pillow princess...


Storm said...

Creativity is horribly overrated. hemorrhoids...such a less embarrassing explanation lol.
I thought the favorite color was red?

Brittany Lynn said...

Oh goodness. How kind and sweet of him to let you have a choice in explanation for the pillow. Pfft

Dina said...

Yez, yez, in purple. Mmm. :D