Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bzzzt... Bzzzt

He took last night off, but was feeling well enough to drive one to work this morning... squee more time together. So after a hearty mixed grill for breakfast we set off in the car. You know, JT's have brought out a cheap version of the violet wand. It's on sale He added conversationally.

See this is what they do. Take a perfectly nice time together and turn it into a disturbing event. It's a talent they seem to get along with the decoder ring. That, and a copy of the "Rulz Book" that seems to only work in their favour.

Umm... really, one replied politely feigning interest. Yes He said. It comes in two colours; orange and purple. Somehow one doubts that the colour will affect the outcome one retorted sourly. True, but you can get it in your favourite colour He said, smirking. Honestly, they are not as funny as they like to think... at all L

Undeterred by the venomous look He added, it will give me something to do while you're recuperating from surgery. You know this isn't quite the rehab one had in mind... right? Oh He said, feigning surprise. How did you envision it? Well meals... rest... you know... care. Oh no, He said. I think my idea is much better.

Well He would wouldn't he? He's not the one being starved, getting trained to cum on command and zapped at regular intervals. You know one is really starting to think...
He's doing it wrong!
That or the handbook is missing a couple of chapters.


Lashes and Leashes said...

Pssst...yes you. come here. Wanna know a secret? what piece doesn't know (until she reads this:)) is that the lovely bit of purple electric goodness is ordered and on it's way. Muahahaha. I thought I'd tell you all first/at the same time, so you offer your famous slave solidarity sympathy.

Master's piece said...

Words fail... the feelings of hatred live on though :P