Sunday, August 21, 2011

Being in charge

A BDSM checklist for those who may not be sure if they actually are;

If you want to do something your slave doesn't like and they threaten to leave do you?

  1. Ask if they need help packing
  2. Ask if there is some reason for their reluctance
  3. Ask if they will forgive you and promise to never do it again

If you answered 1 then the chances are you are in charge... of course if that is your approach to all confrontation you may find yourself alone at some stage of the game because eventually we all lose a hand.

If you answered 2 then the chances are you have the basis for a stable relationship where you move forward together with you in charge.

If you answered 3 then we all know the answer don't we? Though the rest of us can hope that they are a great fuck because you need to be compensated in some way J

Mutters there are parts of Fet one really shouldn't go to first thing... it just makes a slave cranky L

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littlemonkey said...

Most of Fet makes me cranky.