Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day out and in

The mower man arrived bright and early to do the lawns. His mother swears that when she rang, the words early did not pass her lips. Yet there he was, with his equally noisy side kick, at sparrow fart. No doubt endearing himself to the neighbours as well... which seems only fair as they do the same inconsiderate shit all the time too J

It did serve to strengthen our resolve to go out for the morning. One of us needed fresh peanut paste and the brand of croutons that only seem to be stocked in the Valley. The other one of us needed things for His French cooking odyssey. And while we were on the topic of food we both needed breakfast... one less meal to conjure up J

So off we set in high hopes... that were dashed when we pulled up to our favourite place at Portside to find the place under renovation. We were forced to move on... muttering about other people's rotten timing. See INTJers do not like change... we like order, regularity and predictability. Well when it comes to food at any rate... we hate it in our sex lives.

Travelling further afield we landed near the places we needed for the nuts and produce so we settled in for a quick breakfast and one small slave amused herself with an excellent coffee. This was just as well because the wait for breakfast was long... though very good when it arrived. It was His turn to pay and with the skill of any good freeloader he conveniently left his wallet in the car, a skill one really needs to learn one feels.

We then proceeded to the Valley for croutons and a side trip to one of the sex shops there... 'cos they  are natural companion stores. It was there that the side effects of the Metformin (used for diabetes) that He has started taking also started to kick him in the arse, and so cutting our day short we preceded home post haste. Well as fast as you can do that kind of distance.

Mind you He rallied enough by the time we got home to try out the new toys he picked up in the Valley. Trousers pulled down, top hoyed out of the way one was spread open and a long sil-a-gel toy was rammed in one's arse. His quiet intent was to get all 10 inches tucked away safe and sound.
Now normally there would be an explicit picture inserted here...
Except that annoying burn sensation that one seems to get from anything other than silicone, glass or steel started up. So instead of a camera all He got to do was respond to the screams of get it out! Sorry L

Which does lead one to a few points...
First; those things are not odourless as they claim... there is a distinct smell and one does wonder if that is what causes the issue as one can have a reaction to perfumes generally.
Two; although one has a latex allergy, which is why we use glass, silicone and steel, they are free of that, and they are supposedly free of the nasties that cause allergic reactions like cadmium, there are obviously still things in there that the body doesn't like.
Three; the lube is the same one we use for everything and if that is causing a reaction when used in conjunction with the substance, is it something one wants in the body?
Four; we will try a few things like condoms etc and see how we go, but at this stage one suspects that it is going to be silicone, glass or steel only from here on in. 


Arianthe said...

You get lube????

(Still not rejoicing)


Master's piece said...

Yeah... oddly things round here are inclined to come under the category of go big or go home... so yeah, there is lube :)

? said...

I have some type of gel-ish toy intended for anal, I'm not sure exactly what it's made of but it absolutely BURNS if I put it in my ass without a condom on it. I wonder if it's the same stuff yours is made of.

Well, looks like you get a free pass to avoid putting things in your butt!

Master's piece said...

Hah chance would be a fine thing... but it is nice to know that one is not alone in that burn thing. It's horrid :(

? said...

I did some reading. I think it might be the phthalates in sil-a-gel. It seems that a lot of people have problems with it for that reason.

Master's piece said...

Ahhh now that does explain it :(
Thank you oh wise one :D