Monday, August 29, 2011

The Neon Wand

It turned up today, looking disarmingly benign in its discrete packaging. Actually its arrival would have gone unnoticed by one small slave blissfully wasting hot water in the shower. Well it was blissful until He pressed the box up against the glass door. Wiping away the steam revealed His smirking face and this...

Sighing with resignation one turned off the tap and wandered out to find it ready to be assembled and turned on. Which was strange because it had exactly the opposite effect on one small slave... imagine that! Look you can't even feel it He said running it along his arm. Here try He said, lunging in the direction of an exposed breast. Which of course just made one move in the opposite direction... self preservation will triumph over any desire to please, every time. Contrary to popular opinion being a slave does not make you a mindless drone J

Get back here He said in that tone. One stood there contemplating the odds... it could only reach so far. You either get back here now or it will be turned up to full... said in that slightly flat, bored tone He adopts when being thwarted. Hesitantly one stepped in the range of His new toy... to be rewarded with a god awful crackling noise that made one automatically check for singed hairs... or flesh. How is it He enquired?

Really unpleasant one answered. It feels like hot pin pricks zapping you. Really He said, running it experimentally over his arm again. Nope can't feel that at all. Playfully one snatched it from his grasp and aimed it at His genitals. Hmm can feel that... just, He added. With a feeling of despair one gave up, resigned to the knowledge that if He couldn't feel it there was no hope of getting out of what was probably going to come.

See the sad fact is the body knows what to do with certain types of pain... it can deal with continual low levels of it rather well. What it can't do is cope with other types very well at all. It hates stingy things and anything electrical with a passion, and one ends up in pain that can't be processed at all. It turns a person with a high pain threshold into the biggest wimp on earth L

Which He thoughtfully videoed for your entertainment... and you will find it funny. Though it did end abruptly when the subject turned on the camera man. Something He intends to overcome with the simple measure of tying one securely in place when he goes to use it for real. Meantime He has amused himself by replaying the video several times... giggling like a school boy as he did so each and every time.

So yeah, the neon wand... it works and He loves his new toy. And it is a pretty shade of purple... which makes no difference to the outcome for the record.

Enjoy... L


little monkey said...

Your favorite color (cheeky monkey grin)

Giggling like a schoolboy, huh? You are so screwed.

Arianthe said...


I'm fairly sure Sir has one of those on the way here. This is what I get for sharing your last blog post with him.:-/

King of Clubs said...

That was awesome. May I say that your shrieks of displeasure are highly entertaining indeed? :-P

xantu said...

Why oh why do I want one of those things so bad?

Arianthe said...

Yes, it's confirmed. One of those is on the way.

At least Chunu is excited. Though he's probably hoping he'll get to watch. :-P

Master's piece said...

In reply, in no particular order...
@KofC well you will be thrilled to know there will be more to come :(
@MsD :(
@knotty and that will differ from any given day how exactly?
@xantu that is a very good question and other than impending insanity, the only thing one can think of is masochism... lots of it :)