Saturday, January 7, 2012

As painless as possible

Well today one lingered on the lounge no longer and went to work. Before we get to that though one would just like to thank some people for making it possible...
Thank you to both Him and his mother for the lifts to and from work. The back thanks you too... from the bottom of its... well something. Not too sure what a back would thank from... anyway one digresses.
One would also like to thank a couple of the major drug companies for their contributions. Whatever people may say about your products, and the fact that many of your products have a 50% failure rate when given to the population... when it comes together your shit is awesome J

Work was pretty cruisey... that is to say one abused one's limited powers and got someone else to do the nasty stuff... like the actual manual component of the job. Personally one pottered around, chatted to people, got them to buy more than they actually wanted to and did top up orders. Which means one generated more paperwork for the manager, who had unfortunately drawn the short straw and been lumbered with working the weekend. Sighs life is good, and maybe she will think twice about guilting one into coming to work next time J

And now back to Bab5 one goes
Oh and the lounge; soft, squishy, lovely, leather lounge whom one loves so
Snack foods... there needs to be snack foods...

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