Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's going on?

There is an ongoing bit of drama on Fet at the moment... well there usually is, but this is mainly over that little club. In fact it is causing people to be removed from friends lists and others to be blocked. And although for some it is old hat it is still fascinating to a people watcher, mainly because of how the events are being interpreted by different people. See for some it is quite simple and for others... not so much.

To the simple camp it is about their house, their rules. This is a fine attitude to take... nice, clean and simplistic. Of course like all things simplistic it tends to overlook a couple of things. To paraphrase someone; you can't run a social club like a dictatorship. Well you can, but people are going to get unhappy. And it overlooks that the people who are on the receiving end are their friends.

Which brings us to an interesting point... what is a friend on a social networking site? Is it people you know in real time or is it people you have hung out with, argued with, disagreed with and giggled with... sometimes for years? See how you regard people on your friends list is going to dictate how you respond to the perceived unkindness of others. If you regard them like you would a friend in real life, then the chances are you will stand up for them, go to bat for them, tell them they are being stupid... to their face... and generally do those things you do for a friend.

Now if you just like hanging out with them online... then that is a different story altogether. Then you are far more likely to adopt the attitude of well... it's just drama. It will blow over... meh not getting involved. See very simple...
Until they come for you...
Then it gets a little harder to ignore.