Sunday, January 22, 2012

Target practise

Large chunks of this week have been spent contemplating the concept of friends and what that means for others. It all stemmed from a conversation on Tuesday night with our vanillas (who for the record aren't quite as vanilla as the term might imply... but that is a tale for another time) and little incidents during the last month. Today is an extension of that idea, but this is devoted to the bus tossers in our midst. We all have them on friends lists; those with unexpressed sadistic needs that find an outlet in friendship.

Let us consider an incident this week and the outcome shall we?
A picture is posted on Fet and you admire it, suggesting that symmetry might be better for next time. In turn they send a proposal for a red handprint competition to your owner. Hell they even turn it into an event that is slated for March so everyone can have a go. Yes that is right... in March several people are taking part in the 2012 Tushie Handprint Competition.

Now some of you are smiling... one can feel it through the computer screen... but there is a problem with this. Yes other than the fact that it is going to hurt like hell. See one small slave doesn't mark very much at all. It goes a promising shade of pink and then fades into obscurity.

The trouble is though that He is Scorpio... very Scorpio. They are competitive by instinct and add to that middle child syndrome... this is not going to go very well. In fact it is going poorly already. See He, like all twoo athletes, is in training and one small slave's arse is the target.

So far this week He has come at the poor defenceless little thing from every angle and combination. Every time one goes past out snakes His hand to deliver a stinging blow. Actually He's experimented a little as well... Thursday there was his belt... and it hasn't stopped there. Tonight there was a bite good night... that fucking thing hurt for the record... and left no mark L

The upshot of this... one small slave needs some nice friends. Now admittedly one has no idea what to do with them. And He reckons that one will get bored with them. But dammit one is willing to try. Anything has to be better than living in fear of the hand like this...


little monkey said...

Check with your physician first, but...a little aspirin therapy in the days leading up to the competition will promote subcutaneous bleeding. Maybe you can work up a good bruise.

(twisted, who me?)

Vixen B-Ab said...

You notice that I am NOT participating. Cause I'm not stooopid, I mark as well as you do.

Master's piece said...

Apparently there are some stupid rules about artificial enhancement... like one would trust any of them ~rolls eyes~

@Vixen so how come you get to opt out like that. And don't give that shit about not a slave... the beast made you clean out fabric. Fabric!

RestlessDreamer said...

i just want to say..that i LOVE it when people get in the swing of things. :)