Monday, January 9, 2012

Small successes

Before you get excited at the prospect of being returned to normal viewing on here... don't. The back has not miraculously healed and one small slave is currently the most boring creature on earth. Hell even the cat is steering clear... cats don't do boredom. No the most exciting event thus far is that today one found a position that was comfortable and didn't require drugs to achieve it, and snoozed soundly, waking only to find a better show to accompany that state.

Oh and Satan's little helper, the postie, has been and delivered nasty, whappy things from miserable little shits friends in America and a collection of toys from the Fun Factory for Him to use with his stockade... the one currently propping up a wall in the study. There are still a couple of things that are AWOL in the postal service, but one has no doubts that they will turn up L Oh and for the record one small slave did not demand any of those paddles... He forced one to make enquiries on his behalf.

Meanwhile He is amusing himself with  Lego Star Wars 3 on the Wii. It seems even He elicits no joy from making one scream when it is that easy. 
Actually avoiding those paddles is the silver lining in all of this...
Hmmm... wonder how long can this go on for?


Anonymous said...

Oh piece, how you malign us. Here we are, trying to be friendly and polite, and you return such ingratitude.

:p I'd say better you than I, but I'm pretty sure it didn't change anything here.

L&L: Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to have a vibrator delivered today. -grumble- Always tomorrow.

I want my stuff on my expected delivery date dammit.

Silly postal service.

Master's piece said...

Don't worry according to the tracking device on one of them, it is still being sorted in America... for the last four weeks :(

Vixen B-Ab said...

and you're complaining? I thought you didn't like swatty things?

Master's piece said...

Oh the missing things aren't swatty things... strangely they all turned up :( No the missing items are big and bright and shiny things :D