Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today the little bus friend dropped off a Christmas present for one small slave. It was a batch of homemade chocolate biscuits. They are quite simply to die for... moist, crumbly, decadently chocolaty and rich beyond belief. Of course the two one had probably undid the last two hours in the gym... but oh gods they are so freaking good.

 Good enough to reinforce the friendship bond for at least another two months... if not more.

See everyone has a different way of defining friends... and what they mean to them. For some it is a willingness to stand side by side against the world... or at least the person who has pissed one of you off. Oh don't get one wrong... one absolutely expects that, but there is more. See in one small slave's books the ultimate criteria is would they bring you a meal if you needed it. To be blunt one defines friendship as a very food centric thing... Freud would have had a field day with one small slave J

So one sits here hunting down the last crumbs, with the smell of rich coco and butter lingering on the fingertips... secure in the knowledge that there is still a whole box of them in the cupboard. And best of all He won't want one, as she makes the moist kind he doesn't like.
It almost makes up for the njoy being back in place L


Anonymous said...

i'm with you, food is always the fastest way to my heart and generally the path i take when trying to get to someone elses.

i mailed care packages of homemade cookies to Master every week when we first met, lol.

Vixen B-Ab said...


Dunno about worth the nJoy though.