Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bright and early

Well it was certainly early at any rate. At 4.15am we were awoken by loud shouts and scraping noises... we lay there stunned and disbelieving. Then cursed the road crews that we assumed were responsible, yet again, for the god awful racket. Stumbling to the bathroom one noticed the inside of the flat looked like an 80's disco. The noise was deafening and the walls and surfaces danced with lights... it was a horrible flash back moment... particularly sober. Coming back to bed one peered out of the window to spy the cause of all the commotion.

There, stuck on the roundabout, was an enormous house. Yes people, a house. See here many of our Queenslanders are built on stumps. It allows air to circulate under them and makes them infinitely movable. So when someone decides they want to build something modern, they usually sell the house and it gets popped on the back of a truck, sometimes in two pieces, and transported to a yard awaiting a new block. The trouble is round here, as one has mentioned before, the roads are narrow in places... and it was a big house.

So one lay there, after slamming the window shut, secure in the knowledge that if they had got stuck on our roundabout, then they were going to have even more issues with the one a little further along... it has a shop with an awning. Sure enough one could soon hear the sound of metal clanging on metal... one assumes it was the men removing the street signs to give them enough room to move.

He gave up and got up... one of us is made of sterner stuff and went back to sleep. Actually it was nearly 9.00am before one emerged... well more stumbled... out of bed. Oh in time for brunch are we He quipped from the study. Don't be a hater one retorted. Wandering in clutching mouse... actually it was Tigger doing Count Dracula impersonations... one asked to use the computer to post on the blog... rather late and tardy. He relinquished it with minimal fuss... normally one has to do all sorts of debasing acts to get it. I'm going back to bed He announced. Wake me at a reasonable time... we might go out for breakfast.

This is a very promising morning indeed... though one is left to ponder is a reasonable time indicated by hunger... 'cos one is starting to feel a little peckish J

Of course all this promise took a left turn later on in the day... but more on that later... with pics J

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