Friday, January 6, 2012


The day started late, very late. It is amazing what muscle relaxants and prescription pain killers can do for a girl's beauty sleep. Mind you don't look too beautiful when you wake up.... more sort of bleary and puffy and in so much pain you are doubled over. The thing is you can't stay that way otherwise you sort of lock into position. See all those times your mother said if the wind changes you will stay looking like that was sort of right J

It is official, the disc is probably bulging... which is why one has sciatica all the way down to the ankles, on both sides, and look pregnant. Of course one had to sit in a chair for an hour to get that diagnosis. Something that one did point out to the doctor was really adding salt to a wound. He, as a bad back sufferer, laughed. You know after all these years our little interactions do nothing to change one's initial impressions that he is a sadist.

Anyway today was spent curled in a foetal position on the beloved leather lounge. Although all advice is to lie on a floor with your feet up, all that does is let the back freeze up and then one is left to do this sort of inelegant scramble. It looks for all the world like a bug trying to right itself. So one went with what didn't hurt... at all. In fact when one stood up the back almost felt normal. Right up until one went to do something... then it was short lived.

So one small slave was stayed on the lounge like a good girl... and got on with the annual Babylon 5 marathon and gently snoozed through the afternoon.
This is driving one nuts and it is only day two L


nancy said...

oh OUCH!
Feel better soon!

Sqoodd said...

Wow. All that to get to a Babylon 5 marathon. Sheridan and Sinclair are better than any Star Trek commanders. In my opinion, Babylon 5 is the second best show of all time in any genre.

I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope you feel like yourself soon.


agog said...

Hope it improves soon. *hugs*

Mama Lisa said...

*giggles* try the stockade a few hours in that should help .

I am joking I do hope it feels better soon.

Perhaps a nice message from your other half. :)

I do love your blog and I thank you for the effort you put into it each day.

Master's piece said...

Oh wow... thank you so much all of you for taking the time to leave such wonderful messages.
Apart from that stockade idea LOL
~Sighs~ He thinks it could be configured into something to help as well. Traction was the word He actually used :(
@Sqoodd No arguments here... one thinks it is the best SciFi ever written for TV. Which is why one watches it every year and still sniffles at the end. Every time :(
But just have to ask what do you rate as #1?

Vixen B-Ab said...

Oooohh honey lol. I'd have loved to see the bug scramble but not with you in pain :*( this is NOT the good type of pain.

Master's piece said...

Oh it can be with the right drug combo :)

Melody said...

So sorry about your pain. As a fellow "bad back sufferer", I can relate and sympathize. The Rx meds do help some, though, no? ;) I hope you are soon recovered in no time and back to your old self

Sqoodd said...

@Master's piece "one thinks it is the best SciFi ever written for TV." I would make the same bold statement at work or in public I would then explain what Babylon 5 was about, but I did not mind at all.

"Which is why one watches it every year and still sniffles at the end." I would say that series finale was one of the best I ever saw and there were very few dry eyes in the house when I first aired.

"But just have to ask what do you rate as #1?" Recently, I moved Dr. Who ever so slightly above B5 (and Crusade). I deeply love both series, but due to the Doctor's history and story lines as well as a revivalism series with three different Doctors, I moved it into first. I might change it back if I watched a Babylon 5 marathon each year. I just might start watching it before Dr. Who starts this summer.


Master's piece said...

@Melody Thank you :)
@Sgoodd Hmmm... good choice. And like you one does like what they have done with the doctors of late. But Bab5... watch it again and see what you think then. Oh and Crusade... that was so promising. They just wouldn't let him get on with it :(

Dina said...

There is talk of Babylon 5 without me?! How COULD you?!

Anyway. I love Doctor Who, but it doesn't and never will compare to my beloved B5. While Doctor Who has its moments, in that retrospect, periodically--it doesn't have the sort of mythos, philosophy and single point (as well as point of view) which streams from the pilot all the way to the very series finale. And its deepness, its darkness while speaking of "the light", its ability to be so multifaceted--it's always current, contemporary and yet utterly timeless.