Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thy name is not Doctor

He came home this morning to find one doing a spectacular white rabbit... some mornings are just cursed like that... and offered to give one a lift. An offer one jumped at because even though the air-con has decided to pack it in once more for summer, 20 minutes with the windows open is still better than over an hour in air-conditioned bus. Beside it also meant we had nearly an hour and a half together... beams happily.

It was in the middle of this happiness that He casually mentioned that the ride was not free...
In fact immediately after breakfast one was shuffled off to bed for a "back adjustment". And He made one beg him for it... which is kind of a cheek given the circumstances. Sighs well it wasn't all bad... one did get to cum. Something that frankly one had been too scared to try since the disc went out. Well if the back could do this during bra removal; imagine what it could do during an orgasm.

So we pulled up at work, running late... it was the motif for the day really... and one hopped out of the car saying thank you for the lift.
You already have He replied.
Oh, does this mean we are even?
He drove off laughing...
It was worth a try...

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Vixen B-Ab said...

But, but, it worked!