Monday, January 30, 2012

A sweetheart deal

For a while now He has been eyeing off some Twisted Monk rope. The company does hemp rope in a variety of colours including a colour of the month. They also have an extensive choice of kits, thicknesses, colour ways and ends. If you have some time, check out their tutorials that cover everything from care of the rope to how to stow it.

The trouble is with buying online is that you never know quite what kind of quality you are getting... it is a bit of a punt when you order from people for the first time. Anyway The Stockroom is having a Valentine's Day Sale on a Twisted Monk rope kit at a very attractive price. It is a starter kit containing 2x 10', 1x 30' and a pair of safety shears. They have a choice of colours black, natural and red.

So He ordered a little of each... figuring if he liked it he could buy more...

Well it arrived today and it is beautiful rope. Hemp can be coarse unless it has been properly treated, but this rope is soft and silky. It also smells divine as it hangs in the study, a heady mixture of dyes, oils and natural fibres J
The only thing that is a little disappointing is the colour quality of the pictures on both of their sites. The natural is a deeper shade of olive, rather closer to a dried herb colour. And the red is a divine shade of blood red... the colour it starts to go as it dries. Having said that, colours like red and purple are the devils own to photograph and reproduce. We have no end of trouble with those two colours... for an assortment of reasons J

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