Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He is the best

This morning one woke up with the lingering effects of a shocking migraine that started last night. In fact one probably looked quite pathetic, as one huddled near the computer clutching coffee. A state that may have prompted Him to ask are you still planning on getting new running shoes? For a minute there one did contemplate snapping no, the shoe fairies came and fixed the sole compression, and the bald spot... hey pain doesn't bring out the best in anyone... well not that kind of pain. Instead one nodded in the affirmative.

Well (insert sporting shop here) are having a sale tonight and if you like we will swing by there and get you some. The heart did a little flutter at the prospect... until one remembered that sports shoes are rather dreary things. Except for that time the preferred brand and style produced that salmon pink colour... now there was a shoe to make you shudder... and it did. Every time one dragged them on, a little part of one died inside... mainly in shame and horror at having to go out in them.

So plans were made... gym, grocery shopping, lunch, snooze (which everyone knows is code for sex) and go out on our merry way to RPG night via shoes.
Of course the reality looked a little different...

First work called... while we were grocery shopping... trying to persuade Him to come in. An offer He declined... well more gave them an option they couldn't make work at any rate. We had lunch and a shower, and one of us scampered off to the air-coned bedroom all lubed and ready to go... and waited and waited and fell asleep. In fact by the time He made it to bed it was time to get up. That was when we found our hostess was also fighting a migraine... we commiserated quietly for a few minutes... before cancelling the evening.

Off we scampered to go shoe shopping... which is where some surprises were in store for us. First off His preferred brand and style was no longer available in the flame colour way He had been hemming and hawing over... it was now in the brightest, most lurid acid green. They are so awesome in an Incredible Hulk kinda way. The colour made Him hem and haw even more than the flame ones did, but for a different reason... in fact one had time to go and find a new pair of gloves.

Personally the shoe company stuck one small slave with lavender, grey and white. Why is it the only shoe company who produces a model to fit a woman with high arches and a broad foot insist on sticking to safe colours? Who chooses these crappy colours and thinks women will like them? Peers at His with an almost palatable envy. We finally made it to the checkout to find that the lavender monstrosities were no longer $239 less 20%, but a very agreeable $169. One of us is a very happy camper indeed.

So here we are very happy, apart from the migraine which is trying to make another run at one of us, proud owners of new sports shoes in colours neither of us like... well one really likes His... mollified by discounts. See happiness is a relative state...
And He might have completely forgotten about one in favour of some game he is playing... have no idea what time he came to bed after all of this...but he took one shoe shopping... at a sale... for sports shoes. Seriously, who could ask for more? J


Unknown said...

When he takes you shoe shopping just be glad they had the athletics in your favorite color :D

Master's piece said...

They were lavender... far too pale to be purple... whatever may have been written on the box :P