Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

As one writes this He is happily sitting amongst an enormous mound of packaging material... looking for all the world like a slightly demented pack rat... putting together his stockade. The thing is like Meccano for sadistic men. It even makes an impaler... something the site didn't mention.
In fact the only thing saving one small slave from spending the day stuck on it is the fact that it is already 25 (77) degrees with an expected high of about 30 (86).

Now they say you should start the New Year as you intend to carry on... could avoidance be in the cards? 'Cos that would be kinda peachy J

Happy New Year everyone


little monkey said...

And it's even oyur favorite color...oh wait, that purple, not blue, isn't it?

Master's piece said...


Anonymous said...

Wow a little scary lol.
happy new year!

Storm said...

Umm, you did put in a special request for no "presents" right?

lm, oh yes, definitely purple.

mp...please don't kick me, we know you claim the favorite color is red.

Unknown said...

one of these days he's going to get you something red just to make you doubt your choice..

Master's piece said...

You are all mean gir... oh what the hell, Happy New Year :D