Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Late in the evening

The day was relatively uneventful... cooking, gym, a futile attempt to dry some clothes... everything is wet. Even the packet of Griffin's Gingernuts one opened last night were soft... and yes even dunked in tea they still felt wrong in the mouth. Normally those things will snap a tooth... and one has to hunt for the damn things as they are imported from New Zealand. It was not a pleasant sensation at all, though it did turn out to be prophetic L

He stumbled to the shower and one nipped in to join him... see occasionally things round here are voluntary if not terribly consensual... to wash his back. Hell one even threw in a good morning hand job. A favour He returned by pinning one up against the tiles and trying to fit his hand up one's arse. Well it felt like His hand... it may have only been most of it... all the while whispering something about preferring to cum up there. Hello... 6'... you could have stopped enjoying the hand job at any time... and everyone knows "stop that" is not a safe word... geeesh!

Later on He came in to say goodnight. Well that was the intent. What happened was He saw his favourite target, grabbed an ankle, and proceeded to spank it to a glowing colour. He has a nasty hard hand might one add. Rubbing the tender flesh one said thought you liked the poor thing. I do, it just looks better in pink. 
For the record nothing looks better in pink L

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