Monday, September 10, 2012

Art and humour

Today was once more spent in the city due to the car being in for the second bit of work. We had a leisurely breakfast while waiting for a specialty bra shop to open... we'll get back to that later. Now where we go for breakfast is in an old arcade... one of the last remaining couple of them in the city. They are lovely old things with little shops with huge glass windows surrounded by dark wood, marble and wooden floors and a glassed in atrium in the centre. In this case they also took the unique step of planting a tree that would never need maintenance.

The arcade also sports the world's tiniest public conveniences. Honestly you can't get two women with large handbags past each other without contact, laughter and apologies. It was while sitting in the miniscule cubicle that one noticed this bit of graffiti on the door.

Of course being INTJ the first thought was well that's not really a prayer. There is none of the pleading, wheedling or negotiations normally associated with a prayer. Hell it's even lacking in basic manners. In fact it's more of a mission statement than a prayer.
Then one noticed the reply... and burst out laughing.

So from there we tottered off to the bra shop to once again find nothing in one's size... and they wonder why the likes of one small slave now does most of the lingerie shopping online and doesn't support them. Apart from the outrageous mark ups... what one can buy online from England for $20-$40 costs $80-$120 in these places... they never seem to have stock. Or if they do one already has it... or it's ugly. Beige is rarely sexy let's be honest.

The trip wasn't a total loss though... there were some rather nice chocolate coloured tops that followed one home. And a very sexy little black dress that was an absolute steal. It's strange how sometimes you just try something on and it literally fits like a tailored glove. And with these breasts that is a rare thing... especially at that price.
All it all it was a great day filled with humour and the odd bargain J


ancilla_ksst said...

I can't see the reply- can you type it up for me, ack, ack!

ancilla_ksst said...

Never mind, LOL, I solved my problem by blowing up larger without having to pray on it.

I pray for rain. That is something I can't solve on my own. The sprinkler only goes so far.

T said...

I pray for rain also and free bras that magically lift without straps that dig.

Master's piece said...

@T Well you can put in an extra prayer for that last one too

As for rain it hasn't rained here now for months... and the fires are starting already :(

T said...

Yikes, ok we aren't that bad off here. No fires but plenty of dead corn that will make our gas prices double this winter.

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Shopping for bras is not even fun for me anymore - same reasons.

Beige - blah. You have very cute bras - stick with your current dealers.

ancilla_ksst said...

I found one brand/style of bra I like, it fits and is cute. So I bought several in different colors. No beige though. Now the matching aspect- unless you only own two colors- black and white- it's so hard to find matching sets. The shades will be slightly off. He thinks I should always match.