Friday, September 14, 2012

Unexpected outcomes

As some of you may know at the beginning of the holidays we embarked on a wellness campaign. Between our assorted medical 'issues' the best diet is higher in protein and fresh vegetables, low in fat and carbohydrates... particularly the junk kind. Read that as they were removed altogether except for one small serving at breakfast and they had to be high quality carbs.

We entered into it expecting the worst... grumpiness, hunger pangs, cravings... to name but a few. As it turned out the reality was different, as it so often is...
Oh don't get one wrong. The cravings for the first few days were hideous. And for the first week and a half one small slave was slightly psychotic. Between the mood swings, the not sleeping and the overwhelming urge to kill Him... who knew that sugars were so important as mood stabilisers J
But here we are X kilos lighter, not craving quick energy boosting foods, not hungry... ever.

Of course the sheer amount of time spent cooking, planning and thinking about food is staggering. See generally one doesn't think about food very much at all. We work different shifts, eat different foods (one of us actually likes vegetables rather than arguing that green is Mother Nature's way of warning us that something has gone bad) and so we generally resort to something quick. That is to say we look at the idea of food, shrug and going meh... not that hungry or worse grab some bread... slathered in butter of course. In fact the only time one really eats well is when going to the gym regularly.

There have also been some interesting developments on His wellness front. Most of them seem to be in the form of an ever present hard on. Seriously before it used to go down between things... now it barely draws breath.
Could the arse get any luckier...
Or sorer?
Yeah it probably can L

Disclaimer: That last question was in no way meant to be read as a challenge or asking for it.


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Good thing you threw a disclaimer in there.

Yes, switching to oatmeal in the mornings has definitely improved my mood and my life - and it is fairly easy - even when I make the steel cut ones. Just can take some time.

But I know what you mean about food consuming your life.

ancilla_ksst said...

That was totally a challenge. LOL

Master's piece said...

Sighs yes He thought so too. It seems the disclaimer didn't work at all... though one did put up a valiant affirmative defense.
This is not going to end well at all :(

ancilla_ksst said...

No, I don't think the end will be well at all.