Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flying under the radar

For every person who springs one at work or the gym due to the collar, there are many more who just don't notice. Generally most people don't really care what others are up to unless they perceive them as being in their space in some way or form. Even then people will often opt to put the whole thing on ignore. His mother is a good example of that... even after bumping her shin on the stockade it was never mentioned again. It is a bit like the rack of floggers on the wall of the bedroom... it's there and there isn't a word about it.

Why is she so blind? Well amongst a myriad of reasons is that she really doesn't want to know. And most people are like this... too busy with their own lives to care enough to ask. Often on boards one sees threads requesting ideas for discrete collars and what to do when sprung and the thing is...
People don't care
People don't want to know
People don't ask
People who ask are usually in the know already
People are too damn busy with their own lives to care about yours...
It's very freeing to realise that J

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ancilla_ksst said...

You know how many people have asked about my collar, outside of kinky events? Zero. Definitely under the radar.